You need to know how to carry load without load

Continuing with the series focused on health & wellness called, Ergonomics.

In the previous two series you read about – Ergonomics: One of the most important pillars of good health & how to have proper posture while reading, writing & watching

Good posture is not limited to study table or chair, it should be a part of life.

Success of everyday task is closely related to good posture and everyday movement.

How you sit, stand, walk, lift or pull things is very important for good health.

I will explain with few examples.

Push or pull

This is one of the important aspects to be considered while carrying a load. If neglected, can have serious injuries.

Push rather than pull. Pushing a load is generally less stressful because you use the weight of your body and maintain a more neutral posture. In pushing there will be visibility of the load which helps in avoiding obstacles if any.

In pulling, the body is often twisted and used only one hand. There is no accessibility of the load which slows down the process.

There are instances where pulling is the better option, eg; pulling a luggage bag. In general, the choice depends on the surface angle, coefficient of friction, the load, type of equipment, obstacles etc. Depending on the situation it is best to begin pushing the load and then alternate between pushing and pulling…or vice versa.

Bag pack

One more thing which is used by all age groups to carry things is bag pack.

Whether it’s a school bag, trail bag, luggage bag or office bag, the rule is the same.

I have seen very few people putting the bag pack properly. Often they use only one strap which will lead to severe back injury.

1.First important thing is to put both straps on both the shoulders & not on one shoulder.

2. Next tighten the lower belt just above the hip bone to get approx. 50% of the weight on the hip & not entirely on the back

3. Then tighten the shoulder belt at the chest for better grip but make sure not too tight. there should be 2 finger space between chest & the belt.

4. Finally if there are load lifters near the top of the bag pull & adjust them.

These & many such things in day to day life look insignificant but worth considering. This helps to maintain good health in long run.

Pay attention to stay in better health.

Quiz time

What is a role of footrest in maintaining body ergonomics?

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