Use this one thing before painting your home

Diwali is around the corner. Without decoration, color & diya the celebration is incomplete. Many of you must be planning to color your home/office or room or even a wall. It is difficult to get an idea how any color would look on the wall. Also how it would go with the other furniture in the room.

I suggest a mobile app called “Paint my Room” (by Dominik Vagala). It is very simple & easy to use. You will quickly get an idea as to how your room would look. Also it gives the color code of the paint applied, which you can use while buying the paint. See below for the examples.

This app can help you to put a color on the wall but which color to choose is a big question for many of you, Right? What should be the criteria while selecting color, as each color has it’s own psychological effect.

To make your work easy & simple, I suggest you to go through these articles on color. You can choose color as per your mood or even as per vastu.

I would like to see what color you would choose. Take a shot & post it below.

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