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Interior Design and Decoration

Commence on a design journey with our Interior Design Essentials Course—a perfect blend for beginners and those elevating their skills. Dive into thirteen chapters covering space planning, design principles, wooden joints, Paint & varnish, Plumbing, Air conditioning and more.

Our immersive online program combines theoretical knowledge with practical insights, enriched with visuals and two practice tests. After completion, you'll not only enhance aesthetics but also make informed design decisions across spaces. Explore specialized paths within the dynamic field of interior design, tailored for aspiring designers, home decor enthusiasts and professionals to brush up their knowledge.

The topics are

  • Introduction to interior design
  • Space and space planning
  • Salient features of space planning
  • Principles and elements of design
  • Ergo and Anthropometry
  • Building construction material
  • Paint and varnish
  • Decoration
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing

The whole course is filled with pictures and illustrations to make the course very engaging. The course also has two practice tests to gauge your understanding of the course. At the end of the course, you will have knowledge related to all the facets of interior design. You will also be in a position to choose a field of specialization, in case you choose to explore further.

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All about Interior Decoration

Dive into the intricacies of interior decoration with our specialized course covering various layers of design. From understanding the nuances of color to exploring different flooring types, discerning upholstery from non-upholstery and knowing about fabrics, accessories, and light—this course is a comprehensive guide to elevate your decoration skills.

Decoration is not just about arranging ornamental objects; it's a seven-dimensional art covering every aspect of a living space, from ceiling to floor. This course unfolds the layers of decoration, including color schemes, flooring choices, upholstery selection, accent fabric, non-upholstered furnishings, accessories, and the role of plants and lighting.

  • Learn different layers of decoration
  • Learn about color in detail
  • Understanding different types of flooring
  • Know the difference between upholstery & non upholstery
  • Learn how various types of fabrics can be used in decoration
  • Understand the use of accessories & light & many more things
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How to give a new Avatar to your home by Space Planning

Welcome to our beginner-friendly online course, named "Give a new Avatar to your home by Space Planning "Exploring Space Planning Essentials"! In this introductory program, we'll be unraveling the basics of space planning materials, making interior design accessible to everyone.

Module 1: Ceilings
Get a grasp on false ceiling design fundamentals. Discover different materials used for false ceilings, and understand their simple pros and cons. By the end of this module, you'll have a basic understanding of how ceiling materials impact a space.

Module 2: Walls Uncovered
Dive into the essentials of walls with an exploration of types and basic wall treatments. Learn the ABCs of transforming spaces through straightforward and visually appealing wall solutions.

Module 3: Doors, Windows, Lintels & Arches Simplified
Take a walk through the basics of doors, windows, lintels, and arches. Gain insights into their functions and appearances, which helps you to understand these architectural elements.

By the end of this course, you'll have a foundation in space planning materials. Just a simple, practical understanding to kickstart your journey into the world of interior design. Get ready to see spaces in a whole new light!

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Space & space planning

Commence on a transformative exploration of space planning with our comprehensive course that unravels the fundamentals of creating harmonious interiors. Learn the basics, from understanding floor plans and bubble diagrams to exploring the kitchen work triangle and various layouts. Receive practical tips for designing key areas such as the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, kids' room, guest bedrooms, and entrance foyer. Beyond aesthetics, this course emphasizes the importance of comfort and functionality in interior design. Discover the art of crafting ideal spaces that accommodate every need while ensuring the desired comfort. Gain valuable insights to elevate your design skills across different rooms, making this course an essential foundation for anyone aspiring to master the intricacies of space planning.

  • Basics of space planning
  • What is a floor plan?
  • What is a bubble diagram?
  • Kitchen work triangle along with different kitchen layouts
  • Tips for designing living room, kitchen, master bedroom, kids’ room, guest bedrooms & entrance foyer
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Basics of wood joinery & furniture

Welcome to "Introduction to Interior Design: Wooden Joinery & Furniture Essentials," an online course tailored for beginners.
Explore diverse wooden joints, discover various wooden cabinets designed for effective storage, and get introduced to furniture and upholstery choices suitable for different rooms in a home.
Designed with beginners in mind, this course serves as a foundational guide. From understanding different types of wooden joinery to exploring storage-efficient wooden cabinets and learning about furniture and upholstery for various house rooms like entrance foyer, living room, bed rooms, kitchen etc; this course is perfect for those taking their first steps into the world of interior design.
Whether you're a hobbyist or aspiring designer, join us in building a strong foundation in the basics of interior design.
Enroll now to gain essential skills and knowledge for creatively transforming spaces. This course is an ideal starting point for beginners interested in the art of woodworking, joinery, and furniture design. It will cover the following topics,

  • Types of Joineries
  • Cabinets
  • Upholstery & essential furniture in interior
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Ergonomics & Anthropometry

Ever wondered how to design furniture that caters to a diverse range of users? This course provides fundamental knowledge in Ergonomics & Anthropometry, crucial for creating furniture that accommodates a wide spectrum of individuals. Understand the Dive into the intricacies of different seats used in daily life and grasp the essentials of kitchen ergonomics, both for normal and differently-abled individuals.
Ready to design spaces that prioritize comfort and inclusivity? Enroll now to gain a foundational understanding of Ergonomics & Anthropometry in furniture making.

  • Basics of ergonomics & anthropometry
  • Ergonomic criteria for furniture designing
  • Kitchen ergonomics
  • Ergonomics for differently abled people
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Paint and Varnish

Painting and varnishing serve as a cost-effective and instantly impactful home improvement strategy, providing protection against weather elements and instilling a sense of pride in ownership. Aesthetics play a crucial role in the design, decor, and application of varnish or paint within the home. This aspect is instrumental in making the house distinctive, emanating a welcoming atmosphere that satisfies the desire for homeliness amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. Learn the following things in this colorful course,

  • Composition & categories of paints
  • Types of paints, why defects in painting occur & precaution to avoid
  • Characteristics & properties of good varnish
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Principles and Elements of Interior Design

Consistent and beautiful designs result from arranging selected elements in an orderly pattern, adhering to five elements and seven principles that form the foundation of successful design. These principles, known as the principles of design, represent essential rules to follow in the design process. While creativity may involve breaking rules, a solid understanding of them is crucial before bending them to advantage. Understanding of basic design elements and principles brings one closer to crafting a unique and expressive personal style.

  • Study of the various principles of designing
  • Guidelines for creating design
  • Study of the various elements of designing
  • Applying the elements of designing
  • Putting it to use – creating your own personal style
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Essentials of Lighting

Whether you are designing a room from scratch or changing the layout or color of an existing room, understanding the principles of interior design is central to visual success. Start an interior design course online with knowledgeable instructors on Udemy, and discover all the ways you can improve your home or office space.

  • Importance of lighting in interior designing
  • Types of lighting
  • Sources of light
  • Lighting in various rooms of a home
  • Lighting accessories
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