Student Testimonials

“ This is a mind blowing course and am glad on the knowledge I acquired from the course. Thank you so very much. ”


Gbadebo Ifeoluwa Omolade

Inerior Design & Decoration

“ Hi, the course really went above and beyond teaching the importance of color and space. I really enjoyed it because I finished at my own rate of time. Thank you for such an amazing class. ”


Yoshada Miller

All About Interior Decoration

“ Absolutely amazing. I think every beginner to intermediate must go get enrolled for this course. Being a Civil Engineer, Interior designing was something I could very much relate to but still bubble diagram and triangulation method truly gave me the catch I was expecting to understand. I would highly recommend anybody that feels the need to understand the importance of spacing which I feel plays a vital role in every home or structure.”


Aayush K.

Space & space planning

“ Joints stage was a good recap, and gave a good simple description, cabinets were a bit morre basic to the point were it was not really necessary to have its own segment.”



Basics of wood joinery & furniture

“ After completing the course, i read ergonomics chapter from occupational health book and then i conducted one awareness session for truck drivers, and at the end of the session i received a standing applause from truck drivers. Thanks & Regards,”


Dr Raghu M.

Ergonomics & Anthropometry

“ Fantastic, straight forward course, strickly suggested”


Levent B.

Paint and Varnish

“ Simple English was used in this caurse there for it is much easier to understand and get used to the new terms for the caurse.”


Sophia M.

Principles and Elements of Interior Design

“ Good information”


Kiran Babu A.

Essentials of Lighting