What is the ULTIMATE thing in design-2

Continuing with the series focused on “Principles and Elements of designing“.

After Balance, Rhythm, Harmony , Emphasis, Proportion and Scale the 6th principle in designing is Form.

In the previous blog you saw how form should follow the function.

Then natural question arises is, should we not give importance to the form?


While buying anything you need to understand whether you are buying an ART (form) piece or a DESIGN (functional) piece.

Functional pieces’ main intention is the usage, along with it, if it is visually appealing then it can be considered as an art also.

Whereas an art piece has a purpose of only decoration, to view & experience it.

In the above picture, the wall painting is an art piece which adds aesthetics to the room.

It is to decorate, to enjoy & to admire.


When function is the main thing then check on the following things,

1. Purpose

In the above pic, the main purpose was to add some plants in the balcony.

Floor space was less, so other option was to use the wall.

Planter stands are made in such a way that it can solve the purpose and add beauty to the balcony.

In this example, form follows function.

2. High quality & standards

The table in the above picture is multifunctional.

It can be used as laptop table as well as writing table.

The height is adjustable & it is foldable.

In spite of all these, the table cannot be used effectively because of low quality height adjusting screws.

(yellow plastic screw shown in the pic)

Though the table is beautiful, it is not serving the purpose.

This is an example of form not following the function.

So don’t compromise on quality.

3. Budget :

Before stepping out of the house set your budget.

4. Number and type of people

While buying a furniture, you need to consider how many people stay in the house.

Also, consider if you have elderly people, small kids or pets at home.

If yes, remember to buy furniture without any sharp edges & non slippery tiles.

Go for dark or floral furnishings to cover those stains of chocolate. 

5. Design theme

Check what is your home style. Whether it’s modern, contemporary or minimalistic.

Once you check all the above criteria, then it becomes easy to decide whether you want to buy a furniture which
follows the function or a beautiful art piece.

Time for some reinforcement

In the below picture, there are many things

Can you identify which is an art piece, which is functional & which takes care of both.

With this, the 1st part of series focused on principles and elements of designing is over.

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