3 Ultimate things to know about home/office color decoration

Continuing with the series focused on decoration. We have discussed enough about color. One of my friend said “It is quite confusing so give me easy ways to choose color while decorating my home.”

So let us see how to make it simple.

While choosing color for your home/office you need to have one of these goals.

1. Soothing and relaxing :

Monochromatic color scheme creates simplicity, unity & soothing effect.

This is based on how the brain tries to make sense of new spaces. The less the brain has to understand, the more quickly it absorbs everything. This promotes a more peaceful mindset.

Mono is single, chroma is color. 

When shades & tints of single color are used , a monochromatic color scheme is formed as shown in the picture.

Start with the color of your choice & then with the help of shades, tones & tints give the illusion of space.

Shades : In shades, the base color is darkened by adding black to it.

Tones : Here the base color is made dull (desaturated) by adding grey to it, and

Tints : Tints are the base colors which are lightened by adding white to it.

Monochromatic color scheme is the easiest to use and hardest to mess up.

Tip: To avoid monotony use textures & prints in accessories & light.

2. Elegance :

Neutral colors create an elegant, rich look & give flexibility to the room. 

Neutral color includes black, white, brown, grey & beige.

Great advantage with neutral colors is that they don’t have much effect on moods. We can add furnishings, accessories & art pieces to create a particular type of mood. 

White, off white, light grey to light medium beige shaded are great for people who enjoy the feeling of clean, bright and open space.

White color creates the feeling of elegance & larger space & so it can be used for small rooms.

You can use black or brown color as an accent wall to give the stylish look to the room. When used sparingly black & brown gives the feeling of richness, confidence and being in control.

3. Warm or Cozy

When you want to make a small room look bigger, use lighter shades of cool colors such as blues, greens, purples & anything in between which recede visually & make the walls feel away from each other. Suitable for smaller rooms. Refer the picture.

If you want to make a big room feel cozy and intimate, use warm colors; such as shades of red, orange, yellow or anything in between that make the walls look closer. This is ideal for bigger rooms. 

Hope this article will make the task easy in picking color of your choice.

Quiz time

What is the mood created in the following pic?

Choose one of the options below :

  1. Elegant?
  2. Vibrant?
  3. Soothing?