How to choose Colors for your home as per Vastu

Vastu & Science

Vastu shastra literally means science of architecture. 

Many people think vastu is superstitious but there is science related to it.

When someone says don’t sleep with your head on the north side, many make fun of one saying all directions are the same then why not sleep in any particular direction?

In humans, the head is a north pole & towards feet is the south pole.

We know that like poles repel with each other. 

Same thing happens when the earth’s north pole & our head come together.

This results in improper sleep, which makes one feel tired, weak & lethargic.

Like this, there are many scientific reasons & we are asked to follow but not all our elders are able to explain the reasons.

Well, here I am not going to talk in detail about vastu.

This topic is related to color & how one can choose color as per vastu.

We all color our home & how about considering vastu while doing it?

Basic Elements

Before moving on to the core, I will briefly explain how color & vastu are related.

Any building (vastu) is made up of 5 basic elements. 

These elements are space, air, fire, water & earth.

Vastu shastra is all about balancing these elements.

Different colors are associated with these elements & are located in different directions in any given building. 

Taking these things into consideration, following are the recommended colors for the respective directions.

Direction & Color

North = Light blue, off white, pastel green.

East = White, green 

South = Red shades & tints

West = White, blue shades & tints

Northeast = White, creme, green

Southeast = Red, orange, yellow, pink, brown

Southwest = Brown, Yellow shades & tints

Northwest = White, blue, light grey tints

Let me explain this with two examples as to how these colors can be used in the rooms.


Southeast = Red, orange, yellow, pink, brown

The place for kitchen as per vastu is Southeast, which is Agneya direction.

This is a fireplace & fire represents colors like red, orange, yellow

Hence, bright shades would be the best fit for this place. 

You can opt for yellow or even bright reds and orange shades. Warm tones like pink, signify love and warmth, while brown too works for the kitchen as it signifies satisfaction.

This place (south east) is also recommended for dining. If you refer to my other blog on Choosing colors depending on the mood you want to create, you will see that for dining, the most recommended color is orange, as it stimulates appetite. 

Master Bedroom

Southwest = Brown, Yellow shades & tints

The place for a master bedroom is Southwest, which is Nairutya direction.

This is the position of the earth element. 

Earth stands for stability & it represents colors like brown, yellow.

Lighter shades of yellow & brown can be applied in this area. These shades create soothing & relaxing feelings to the master of the house.

When we use colors as per the suggestion, it is said that the occupants will have good health, prosperity, peace of mind & overall harmony in life.

In my earlier blog (link as above), you will see that almost the same combination of colors have been recommended.

If you observe the recommendation of colors by Vastu and Interior design color psychology, you will end up getting a similar combination more or less. This shows the scientific approach of Vastu or the Vastu approach in Interior design.

If you want to know details of other rooms also as per directions & colors, do let me know in the comment box below.

Along with color, a room needs to have ample light to flow positive energy in the room whether it is a day light or artificial light. For more details about light follow these links. DaylightArtificial light

Points to Remember: 
  1. Use pastel colors rather than bright ones
  2. Never use dark colors on the wall
  3. Deep yellow and black colors should be avoided. Generally, these colors have high intensity and it may disturb the energy pattern inside your house 

Feel free to experiment with the various combinations within their boundaries.