3 simple things to know about cool and warm colors

Often people mistake design with decoration but both are completely different topics.

Design is making the available space functional and appealing as per clients need and requirement.

Whereas decoration is an act or object intended to increase the aesthetics of a room.

I am starting a new series called decoration.

Decoration may look like simply placing some artifacts and furniture but there is more than that.

Decoration has many different layers which need to be taken care one by one.

The first layer of decoration is color.

Color is a vast topic, it consists of color types, color schemes, meaning of various colors & also advanced color theory.

In this blog I will tell you about color types.

Let’s start with simple things called cool & warm color?

Cool Color

The name itself tells that it gives cooling effect to the eyes.

  1. Cool colors are used in a room where sunlight is more
  2. Cool colors can be used in south & west side rooms
  3. It consists of colors like blue, green, purple and anything in between

These are called cool colors because they remind us of earth, water & trees which represent nature.

They create serene calmness effect in a room.

In this pic you can see green walls & plants which represent cool color.

Only cool colors may create dull atmosphere so to create rhythm & unity, need to add some tinge of warm or neutral color.

Here, neutral colors like grey, black & white are used in accessories along with brown sofa.

Warm color
  1. Warm colors are used when there is a small window or no window in a room
  2. Warm colors can also be in north or east rooms
  3. Colors like yellow, orange, red to pink give warm feeling

Shades of these colors need to be chosen in such a way that they feel warm & not scorchy.

In the above pic, the room does not have window & so it was feeling dull.

To remove dullness of the room, walls have been painted with warm colors & to break the monotony, a big grey chair is added.

Similarly accessories, paintings & plants of cool colors can be used to bring harmony & balance in the space.

Keeping these colors in mind you can play with their shades & tints to get the desired effect.

You can check more about color, in how to choose paint for your room.

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Quiz time

Which color type is used in the above pic?

Also can you tell which color principle gets applied in this? Click here for hint.

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Coming up next more interesting things about decoration.