How to choose Color for your Kid’s room & is home Entrance important

Kid Room

The most energetic, lively & happy souls in the home are kids

Then how should their room be? 

To keep their happiness throughout the day, making good use of their energy & playfulness should be the main motto while designing a kid’s room.

Direction :

West, north or east are the ideal places for a kid’s room.

It can be in any of these directions.

As per vastu, these are the positions of wind & water elements.

Color :

Green, yellow, blue, white are the recommended colors in the kid’s room as per vastu.

Green : Knowledge, peace

Green is highly recommended among all the colors.

Following are the reasons,

  1. Green is the color of Budh, the God of knowledge
  2. This enhances the brain power which helps in improving memory & focus
  3. Light green can be used where study is the most important thing over play. Especially for teens
Yellow : Energy, cheerfulness

If not green, yellow can be considered next.

  1. Yellow color helps to provoke activity in dull or lethargic kids
  2. Creates energy & enthusiasm by making the kid active
  3. Colors like sunflower yellow or turmeric yellow help to activate the pituitary gland hormones
  4. Yellow color can be used in the southeast of the room
Blue : Tranquil, calm

Blue can be considered as one more option.

  1. Blue color in the room is recommended for hyperactive kids
  2. The tranquil nature of blue helps to calm such kids
  3. Lighter shade of blue can be used on a single wall too
White : Neutral, clean & purity

White or off-white is an all time or anytime recommended option

  1. As white is a neutral color it helps in maintaining the serenity of the inmates
  2. Along with white walls, green, yellow or blue colors can be used in accessories (artifacts) as per the season for different feel
  1. Keep bed, study table away from the wall 
  2. Keep minimal furniture in the kid’s room for easy flow of energy
  3. Don’t keep toys like gun, animals in the kid’s room

Most of the time the entrance is neglected but that is the first impression about yourself so pay attention.

If you have a proper entrance foyer you can design it as per vastu.

Even if you don’t have an entrance foyer, you need to take care of the following things regarding the entrance area.


Check that the entrance door is well lit, if natural light is insufficient provide artificial light 


Big doormat needs to be given. Red is recommended as it is an attractive & energizing color.

Neat & clean:

Keep the entrance neat & well dusted. Instead of scattering shoes in front of the main door, keep them in the shoe rack or to one side, neatly arranged every time you use it.

All these things help in the flow of positive energy as per Vastu

General tips

Colors to avoid

There are some colors which we should avoid completely, for example;

  1. Never apply red color to north or northeast walls 
  2. Blue should be avoided for southeast & 
  3. Green color, green accessories or plants should not be placed on the south west or northwest wall
How to manage limitations

Many times it is not possible to change the wall colors, in that case how will you balance the color?

Furniture, furnishings & accessories can be used to balance the space as per the requirement. Like,

  1. Bedspreads, curtains & cushions of appropriate color can be used which are best suitable for that direction
  2. Similarly suitable artifacts, paintings, wall pieces or plants will be used to balance the space.

Color is part of decoration & to know in detail about color, click here.

Is your home balanced? Coming up next …..