Ergonomics: One of the most important pillars of good health

You must be aware, that there are four pillars to optimal health.

Proper diet, exercise, rest & positive attitude.

In today’s lifestyle, one more important pillar is added — proper posture.

Men, women, children are facing serious health issues because of bad posture.

Posture is not only important while studying or using laptop, but needs to be considered in all your daily activities.

In order to address this, I am starting a new series called Ergonomics.

Ergonomics deals with the study of furniture or equipment, to do work more efficiently and comfortably.

In this blog, I will start with the basic things used by all.


You spend Almost one third of your life sleeping. Then how should your bed be?

1. Bed should be between 16-25 inches (top of mattress) high from the ground level, depending on the height of the user.

2. Legs should firmly rest on the ground in sitting position.

3. Side tables can be same or lower than bed height which will help in picking or keeping things in lying position.

4. Mattress should not be too soft.

5. Head board needs to be curved to give proper back support as you can see in the picture.

Side note: Important thing never keep TV in the bedroom as a recommended practice.


Favorite place for most of the people on holidays is sofa.

Are you aware of your body posture when you sit on it?

1. The angle between thighs & legs should be 90 degree.

2. The sofa back should be slightly inclined backward.

3. Make sure your hips touch the sofa backrest. If not, use cushion as padding as shown in the picture.

4. If sitting for longer time, keep your legs on a foot platform/table/puffy.


If you have TV in the living room then remember to follow the above sofa manners.

Then next question, where should the TV be placed?

1. It should be at an eye level, so that your neck is straight.

2. Height can be between 45″to 50″ from the floor level.

3. Size of the TV varies depending on the size of the room.

4. Make sure you have television which is appropriate to the room size.

5. Overall scale and proportion plays an important role while choosing furniture.

These are some of the basic things to start with & need to be taken care of.

In the upcoming blogs, I will write how to increase your efficiency in work from home or while kids studying & many more things about ergonomics.

I will also include dos & don’ts to maintain good posture.

I promise that this series is going to be exciting, so keep watching this space.