How to add new music in your home/office

I continue with the series focused on “Principles and Elements of Designing“.

Last time we saw balance, now let’s move on to the next principle, Rhythm.

As in music, rhythm in design is very powerful.

It is a recurrence of opposite or different elements.

When you repeat elements, the interval between those repeated elements create a sense of rhythm. 

Repetition should be such that, the viewer’s eye should move easily around the room, from one object to the other. 

Rhythm can be classified into 3 type

1. Regular Rhythm or Repetition

As the name suggests, when there is regular repetition of any element, rhythm is formed. Elements like light, color, pattern, texture, form or even proportion and scale, create rhythm. Look at the example below.

In this kitchen, pendent lights on the kitchen top & stools below are the perfect example of regular rhythm.

These are placed at regular intervals from each other which create rhythm.

2. Flowing Rhythm or Alternation

When rhythm is formed with alternative elements, it is called flowing rhythm. Alternate color & forms, texture & form or color & shape. Any combination can be used. More than two elements can also be used. There is no hard & fast rule. Only criteria is that, it should be repeated in the same order.

In the above living room picture, there is repetition of square shape in almost all the objects. Square shape along with wooden texture is repeated. There is a smooth flow between objects. This is an example of flowing rhythm.

3. Progressive Rhythm

When there will be gradual progression of one or more elements, progressive rhythm is achieved. It is achieved with gradation of a color, or by sequence of objects which starts from small & gradually becomes big, in a regular manner. Look at the example,

In this picture, color and form are used to create rhythm. There is gradual change in the form, from small to big. Circular design around the mirror creates progressive rhythm. Even kettles below the mirror have progressive rhythm.

Application reinforces learning, in that effort, the following exercise. 

Which type of rhythm is applied in the following picture? Write in the comment box below. Also feel free to give suggestions or recommendations if any.