5 most important things to know about Industrial Interior

Tired of seeing same ceiling everywhere made up of plaster of paris, gypsum board or plain ceiling?

Then why don’t you try something different which is simple, low budget & trendy.

I am talking about an industrial interior which is in growing trend.

It is opposite to what is normally done. Instead of hiding the unpleasant things they are exposed proudly & kept them in raw form as it as.

To know more about it read further.

Following are a few guidelines which need to be followed while opting for industrial look.

The key thing to remember in industrial interior is to keep the space open & minimalist as much as possible.

Architectural elements

Keep the structural elements as they are. For example metal doors, windows, AC ducts & pipes.

No need to worry about false ceiling as pipes & ducts are the main heroes in this.

AC ducts & electrical pipes are the things which are normally hidden in the false ceiling for aesthetics.

Same things get enhanced in industrial ceiling as you can see in the pic.


This is the most simplest yet critical task in industrial interior.

Black color should be in use as metal will be prominent in the space. It should not be more but need to be balanced with other colors.

Whether it’s a wall, furniture or accessories don’t choose too many colors but go for neutral color scheme.

Combine them with golden, bronze or copper tinge to give a rich look.


Light is another important element in industrial interior.

You can use led lights to highlight things or industrial lights for ambient & task lighting.

While choosing light again make sure there is metal element in it.

Then those could be used either as chandelier, single pieces or in cluster.

Pendant light or floor light can be used depending on the requirement of the space.

If you have glass partition wall, then neon lights can be used to write some personal message on it to give some dramatic effect.

Furniture & Accessories

While choosing furniture strictly avoid bulky sofa, chair or any such furniture. Choose furniture for function & not to occupy the space.

Let it be minimal & simple, to solve the purpose.

While choosing accessories be careful with the color.

Black, white & grey combination art pieces, paintings or accessories adds beauty to this type of interior.

So do try hands on some art piece. 


While selecting materials keep in mind these few things.

Walls can be of Matte finished or exposed bricks.

Flooring can be of finished concrete, kota, wooden etc.

For kitchen, platform could be of concrete or stone finish. If using as pantry it could be of wood or metal as well.

These are few of the important points one need to consider for industrial interior.

Industrial look has been popular in malls, restaurants, pubs, workplaces. Now this is creating place in homes as well. If one is thinking of new & different look then this is the best option in my opinion, do try.