Coloring a Living Room & Puja Room as per Vaastu

Color plays an important role in our life. 

Along with your moods & thoughts, it also influences your body, mind and soul.

In Vastu, different colors are associated with different directions. So, by using the right colors, you can attract positive energy in your space.

In the previous blog, How to choose colors for your home as per vaastu, you saw about colors in kitchen & in master bedroom.

Some of my friends had asked me about other rooms as well.

In this article, I will talk about living room & puja room, the other two important rooms in a home.

Living Room

Living room represents your personality to the outer world.
It is a place for relaxing & socializing in a home.
Other than welcoming guests, the living room acts as an entertainment room, reading room, dining room and many times as a home office.
This room needs to have energy and activity throughout the day and therefore it is essential to create zeal in the room.


North, Northeast or East is the ideal place for living room

This is the position of the water element & water stands for both flow & stability.


White, yellow, blue, green & in some cases, silver, grey can be used for living rooms.

1. White : serene, pure

  • It is a neutral color which can be used in the living room, irrespective of which direction the living room is
  • This color is good for people who don’t want to explore new colors but want a clean, serene & peaceful feeling.
2. Yellow : cheerful, energetic

  • Yellow symbolizes sun, which gives life on the earth
  • Yellow represents cheerfulness, happiness & energy 
  • This color makes a room look brighter & lively
3. Blue : soothing, tranquil

  • Blue symbolizes water which gives the feeling of coolness Water, in turn, represents tranquility, serenity & calmness
4. Green : healing, lively

  • Green symbolizes growth, health and life
  • Green is a combination of blue and yellow. It has the refreshing quality of blue and cheerfulness of yellow. 
  • Lighter shades of blue & green create a calming, soothing & tranquilizing effect.

Puja Room 

A Puja room is neglected most of the times due to lack of space or other constraints.
The puja room is the epicenter of positive energy.
So it is always good to allocate a place for it to keep negative energy at bay.
A puja area is a very personal space. It can also be used as a meditation room


Northeast is Ishanya direction, the place for (Ishwara) puja room. Northeast is the position of the water element

Another location for a puja room is the center of the house which is called Brahmasthana.

Remember – never have a puja place in the bedroom.


white, blue, yellow, orange, gold


Suppose you want to choose dark blue or dark green, to match it with the furniture or accessories you have in the living room. Then do remember the following things before choosing it.

  1. Room should be big enough before using colors like green, blue or grey as these colors make the room look smaller than it is
  2. Next important thing is, the room should have sufficient sunlight else these colors absorb light and make the room look darker
  3. Avoid using dark shades. Choose a light color for a room to allow flow of more positive energy

N.B : If the Vastu recommended direction for both the living room & puja room is the northeast direction, then how should one make a decision?

The Puja room is a smaller place compared to the living room. So it can be placed either in the living room, dining room or in the kitchen by looking at the direction & appropriateness of the space. 

So consider these things while selecting colors as per vastu.

Coming up next is Kid’s room & Entrance. Keep watching this space.